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Monday, December 09, 2002

We wouldn't tell you if we didn't love you

I seem to be returning to the intervention theme for this little detour.

This article is about American reaction to Canadians (among many, many others) travelling to Iraq in the hopes that there will be some reluctance to bomb western civilians. I don't think it will work, though I could wish it would. But look at the negative reactions... one after another, they talk about the War on Terror. I can't speak for the entire peace movement, but as for myself, you put a smoking gun in Saddam's hands for September 11 --- real evidence, not this spin-driven gossipy crap I was complaining about earlier today --- I'm done with this fight. Simple as that. I might complain about some of the execution after that, but certainly not the intent. We were right to enter Afghanistan, and though I could wish we had done so with the mindset of police officers prosecuting a criminal, I never said that Americans, and Canadians alongside, shouldn't respond.

Thing is, I've been waiting for Iraq's smoking gun for over three months now... if the American government has anything, if anyone has anything, they're certainly keeping it to themselves.

So here's the intervention. Look, we know you're still pissed about September 11. You should be. But keep your eyes on the ball - don't let your President use that anger to promote his own agenda. Here's the thing: bin Laden is still out there. He's almost certainly not in Iraq. I think you should go find him, and leave the UN inspectors to do their work in Iraq instead of breathing down their neck every minute. I think you'll find it much more satisfying to direct your anger toward someone who is actually culpable.

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