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Friday, July 16, 2004

Raj Against the Machine


The Alberta NDP is going to miss Dr. Pannu as leader, I think.  Elected as the only other member of what should have been Pam Barrett's big ND wave, he was entrusted with the leadership practically by default when Pam got some sort of religion going toward the light on the dentist's chair.


Raj is an intellectual heavyweight.  Had he hung around as leader for this election, it might not have been as noticable alongside Kevin Taft, another very serious leader with the capacity to keep track of, and connect, several issues at once.  But last election, the leader of the third party looked like the only leader with the gravitas to be running, if you consider such things important.  (Albertans, it seems, tend more toward the "common touch" candidates.  Which is why we prefer a Stephen Harper to a Jean Chretien.  No, wait.  No, I think Albertans just vote for the Tory.)


So, Alberta needs a new NDP leader.  I need a job.  Hmmmm.....

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