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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Daily Show shout-outs

Last night, Jon Stewart was good enough to spend the first several minutes speaking directly to me. It included a long and clever story about blogging, which you can find discussed a few different places, including sites specifically mentioned.

More importantly, it began with words of condolence to Canadians who would be missing hockey. Not that Jon cares, he declares - he watches more curling. "Do NOT cancel curling."


Update, Friday morning: Another shout-out, this one not so friendly. Presented with the knowledge that there's three trillion barrels of oil in Athabasca, Jon wondered why they didn't invade here. "Wassup, Calgary? You want a piece?"

Jon's right, the invasion would be even easier than Iraq - after all, the roads are better. But I don't think the US would care for the insurrection. We've got no hockey on television, so finding people with nothing to live for won't be as hard as Jon might think.

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