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Monday, April 25, 2005


Until today, when you hovered on one of my links, the font expanded to 13pt. I thought it was a neat feature, but it caused all sorts of problems to my left column of reciprocal links. I've finally given up tinkering, so with regret, I say goodbye to that until I can figure out how to make it specific to some links and not others.

I've also cleaned up my links somewhat, but the job is really only half-done. I regret saying goodbye to some of my earliest linkers, who brought me my first audience and encouraged me to work harder on this page. I hope they'll let me know when they begin publishing again, so I can return the favour.

In the meantime, I've been a little bit generous about my one-month rule (see the end of those links), having inched toward absences that long myself. But I'm resolving to be more persistant about dropping stale links, so keep those blogs active. Otherwise, what's the point? Plus, I have responsibilities, being the 7th most --- well, most something --- political blog in Canada. (Thanks to Socialist Swine for contributing to my vanity.)

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