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Monday, January 23, 2006


If I were to identify a single law that's contributed more to western alienation than any other, it would be the restriction disallowing a live broadcast of results to any part of the country where the polls remain open. When I was growing up, polls closed at 8pm local time, everywhere in the country, and election broadcasts consisted of Lloyd Robertson showing up at 8:01 telling Albertans what government had been elected before a single vote here had been counted. Of course, it was psychological - a seat in Halifax is worth no more than a seat in Vancouver - but it was hard not to feel frustration each time.

Last election, the broadcast ban was lifted, but this year, it's back. And now it's worse: Elections Canada has gotten wise to that "inter-web" thing, and are taking steps to restrict even east coast bloggers, much less broadcasters, from telling Canadians what they're seeing on their televisions right now.

It's not as bad as those previous elections: in absolute terms, the polls from Quebec to Alberta close at the same time. However, there are a whole lot of Atlantic seats already counted sufficiently to produce results, and those results are available to those smart enough to know how to search. I'll give you a hint: cross-border Gomery publication ban scofflaws are a good place to start.

I've always stressed my own law-abidingness. I was mad when the short-term Gomery publication ban was frustrated by bloggers who thought they knew better. In this case, I think the law is shortsighted and stupid. But I'll respect it. Live blogging will begin at 8pm Mountain.

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