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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sing along with the Tories

Competing with Ted Morton and Jim Dinning is apparently a difficult business, but Victor Doerkson is managing the trick maintaining the illusion.

It seems Dinning and Morton both have had songs written for their campaigns. Doerkson has fired back with a song written for, as Arrested Development fans everywhere know, George Oscar "GOB" Bluth.

I can't find Dinning's song, but Morton's song is here. Catchy, if you like the twangy music. And The Final Countdown, used as atmospheric music to some very bad magic, can be found here.

Here's a tip, Vic: if you're already running way behind, it's a bad idea to imply that your canpaign might actually be a joke.

Update, Sunday evening: The Calgary Grit found Dinning's song. Now having heard both, I'm giving Morton the edge in tunage. Oh, yeah - and in batshit craziness.

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