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Friday, December 15, 2006

Another Criminal Mastermind

Forget the much-sweated-over fake "Dumb Criminal" sketch on the Studio 60 show-within-a-show. In this marginally interesting story about police using YouTube to help them find suspects comes this paragraph:
Another YouTube video posted in July depicts a person trying to break into a surveillance camera store in California. The video, recorded and posted by the store's owner, allowed police to nab a suspect wanted for auto theft, burglary and bank robbery.
First, how dumb to you have to be to break into a surveillance camera store undisguised? "It's the perfect plan, so long as they don't have some sort of device to capture my image." But actually, it's even less perfect than that. Who's going to buy a security device out of the trunk of a car? It's not exactly an advertisement for the effectiveness thereof, is it?

I'm guessing they don't have any sort of entrance exam for the Robbery Guild, or Thief Union, or whatever it is.

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