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Thursday, March 24, 2011

An ounce of prevention

It's becoming obvious from the action in the House of Commons today that the Conservatives will say "It's us, or it's an antidemocratic coalition of socialists and separatists" every time they get in range of a microphone for the next six weeks.

Do you know when would have been a good time to talk about the great tradition of coalition governments in Westminster-style Parliaments? Constantly, and for the last two-and-a-half years. Unfortunately, the opportunity is past, and the argument won't work as well during the campaign, because the Liberals won't admit until the last possible moment that they might do anything other than win overwhelmingly. Nice work, Liberals.


The Invisible Hand said...

On that note... I'm not sure if this one is disqualified on a technicality (after the confidence vote, but before the writ drop), but I think this definitely qualifies as a gaffe.

Prom = 3; Sig = 2 or 3, depending on how much this issue dominates the overall campaign.

Don said...

It doesn't count, and not because of the timing. Whatever you may think of the Liberals' decision to duck the question of coalition, that's what they've decided to do. Have a good look at rule six, and take special note of the word "unplanned".

And no, nothing counts right now anyway. The writ isn't dropped, and the campaign hasn't started.

The Invisible Hand said...

I dunno, if the Libs have deliberately planned to forever duck the question, I think they would come up with something better to say ("to the bottom of my feet and the top of my toes"). This seems more like Ignatieff is winging it.