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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Good news, and bad news

The American terror alert is about to be reduced to Yellow. As of this writing, Wacky Neighbour hadn't updated John Ashcroft's head, but expect the link to the left to change soon. Perhaps Achcroft there is set up directly to change when the Department of Homeland Security drops theirs, but they are also still showing Orange. So is the White House. I wonder if there's one guy on one website who will change it, and then every warning system drops like a series of dominoes? Huh... this internet thing is kinda cool. On the other hand, if it's all manual, I'm glad they've warned us ahead of time, so we can all be ready to change it and not look out-of-date and foolish.

Canada lost another cricket match at the World Cup, but for the first time, made it through 50 overs without dropping ten wickets. Canada is pulling off a lot of firsts at the World Cup, both good and bad. Feel encouraged to tell the CBC how nice it would have been to see some of them.

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