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Friday, February 21, 2003

More cricket

Okay, I know this shouldn't be the other interest besides war that a good Albertan should be talking about. After all, we have separatists in our midst (or so the CBC is beginning to tell me). We have a Canadian government who is trying to tell "us" what to do (er, yeah... they're our government, too). And, you know, hockey.

The fact is, during my trip, I learned a little bit about cricket, and I want more. Now, here's a sport in which a team of Canadian amatuers have qualified among the top fourteen teams in the world for a World Cup tournament. And I can't find the games anywhere on Canadian broadcast television. Does this seem odd? I mean, I understand that it's not going to get prime time Saturday night, with Don Cherry talking his way through each "drinks break" about the toughness of the Canadian bowlers vs. the wimpy Finnish ones. But is it too much to wonder why TSN would rather broadcast Celebrity Weightlifting? Is it too much to ask why the CBC and TSN together broadcast so many hours of Soccer's World Cup, which Canada didn't even qualify for, and now can't scrape up a few hours to broadcast Canadian games overnight, a time of day the CBC tends toward broadcasting reruns of stock car races?

Should the policy on this change, I will happily sit in the telecasting pub of your choice and explain to you what is going on for a small fee which likely will be measured in beer.

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