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Sunday, February 23, 2003

Grammys tonight!

"Who cares?", you think, and you are so terribly terribly right. However, there may be a little excitement for a change, since the Drudge Report is reporting that CBS will have a kill switch on the mic of any performer or speaker who dares utter an anti-war sentiment. Seeing as these are performers we're talking about, you have to believe they've considered this possibility and other ways to get out the message.

Don't get me wrong. Despite the preponderance of performers to fall toward the left on most issues, I'm not a huge fan of celebrity endorsements, political or commercial. I don't know why we should care that Charlton Heston is packing heat, or that Tim Robbins wants us to buy organic food. Their opinions are likely reasonably well-informed (goodness knows I wouldn't want to be talking in public about things I know nothing about. Wait a minute... what's this whole blogging thing about, again?), but so are many other and equally valid and thoughtful opinions that aren't backed by the coin of fame.

I'm not suggesting you watch the Grammys because you want to find out more about the war, or worse, because you could give a damn who wins "best liner notes" and what-not. I'm suggesting you watch the show because it will be good sport.

As an aside, I think the Drudge Report is trashy and unreliable, but CBS doesn't actually have to have the kill switch. The fact is, every person with an outside chance of hefting one of those paperweights on stage tonight has heard this same report, and any singer that had even considered mentioning war or peace will be hyper-aware of the situation. As I say, I'm hoping this will be leading to good sport.

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