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Monday, December 12, 2005

Gaffe weekend round-up part four: Nothing goes so well with beer than pasta. Except popcorn, of course.

Staying with the Heritage Ministry, it was suggested by a few readers that I score something for the BQ, because candidate Thierry St-Cyr suggested that Liberal candidate and current Heritage Minister Liza Frulla "...has nothing more to contribute to public debate than her recipe for spaghetti sauce."

Like the misinterpretation of Feschuk's Omni line, a political opponent looking to take a piece out of the BQ suggested that this is a slur at Italian-Canadians, or women, or both. In fact, it alludes to a specific thing: a recipe she distributed in a calendar she gave to constituents. St-Cyr is suggesting Frulla is a useless MP. That's what candidates often do. No points.

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