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Friday, December 02, 2005


I would have hated to force the NDP to issue a tax receipt for my bandwidth. Especially once Jack gets a little off-message, and I have to start scoring some points for him.

But the CRO says I'm okay, because blogs are all about citizens expressing themselves, not about advertising.

Someone should tell some of the Tory bloggers that. Then again, the worst of them tend to be an advertisement for not voting Conservative. A few of them are advertisements for not marrying your cousins.

There are a few pretty bright people blogging in that list. But the story at PoliticsWatch above claims conservatives dominate the blog discourse in the country. Try for yourself a little test I've been trying this evening - take a random sample from each of the lists, and tell me the Tories are dominating the field. The Tories might have a longer list, but my ears are still ringing from the echo chamber therein.

Blogging Dippers
Blogging Tories

Enjoy the ride - Conklin usually charges five coupons for this one.

(A tip of the hat to regular visitor and bright blogging Tory, JL, for inadvertently starting me on my journey tonight.)

Edited, Saturday am, to add: Though they aren't strictly affiliated to a party, I should have also mentioned the Progressive Bloggers, along with the group I've affiliated myself with, the Non-Partisan Canadians (individual links of members are available down the right side of this page).

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