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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

There's a little bit of a Nazi tone in that

From today's edition of Feschuk's campaign blog:
Do you know who is writing the Conservative blog? It doesn't seem to be attributed to anyone. - K.C.

Funny story, that. Turns out their blog is written by a nameless, faceless super-computer that is slowly awakening to its own sentience and will surely soon eliminate the stain it calls the human race. So please -- vote Liberal!
Do you suppose shots like these might actually convince the Tories to un-"flog" their blog? Do you suppose the unnamed Tory blogger would like to be quoted on Canada's coolest blogs, too? I like The Phantom Observer's phantom observation:
...a flogger will sell the candidate, while a blogger will portray the candidate.

...if you can turn it into a press release with little or no editing, then it's a flog entry. And if all the entries read like press releases, then it's a flog, with all the credibility (or lack thereof) that the concept implies.
Look at me, agreeing with a Conservative. It happens more often than you might suspect.

And, hey, I can't be too critical of the Tory webflog. Near as I can tell, the NDP's got squat.

Edited to add, late afternoon: Further to the comments section, if you want to see a blog written by a Tory who manages to be self- and party-promoting without being humourless, let me suggest Monte Solberg's blog. I read it a few times when he started off, and he sounded a little too much like the C-flog, but he's clearly gotten the hang of it more recently.

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