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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

But it's summer!

Remember when we were accusing some parliamentarians of being lazy because they were voting each day to adjourn at noon? Well, that work has to be made up some time, it seems.

The government is attempting to extend the current session in order to pass the gay marriage legislation that will do so much to help the Liberals mark their territory - or more precisely, mark the territory of the Conservative Party, helping to label them as Reform III.

What a great strategy for the Liberals. The Conservatives don't dare pull the trigger right now, with the Grewal revelations leaving Canadians thinking "they're all crooks!" and returning to the devil they know. But the strategy has one huge downside: we might just discover exactly how split the Liberal caucus is on the marriage issue.

All this dangerous brinkmanship is really distracting me from my summer laze. Yes, the posting has been infrequent lately, but I'll try to keep myself awake at least as long as Parliament can.