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Monday, December 14, 2009

Of course they were

The Yes Men have admitted responsibility for the fake Environment Canada press release this morning setting impressive goals for carbon dioxide emission reduction. I only wish I had had time to predict this outcome on the blog this morning, because I certainly did to my wife at 7am. Oh, well.

The best part was when an official from the PMO described the hoax as "childish" in an e-mail to the media, and then proceeded to berate the wrong person for it.

Here's how the stunt wasn't childish at all: one PMO official showed exactly what he's made of, slandering a political opponent for no good reason. The Prime Minister loves to employ other bullies to match his own proclivities. The Yes Men like to expose groups and individuals for exactly what they are.

Here's another way it wasn't childish: the first story today was about Environment Canada's announcement that Canada would be taking a strong leadership position on CO2 reduction. The next story, a couple of hours later, is that the Canadian government had to make an announcement that they still suck on climate change.

Thanks, Yes Men! Screw over our government any old time!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Let's see those assholes in Strathcona County ban me from using this:
Yes, that's a steering wheel laptop tray. That's totally going on my Christmas wish list. As a bonus, I'll get to test my vehicle's airbags, repeatedly.

(from Amazon, hat tip Wonkette)