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Saturday, October 29, 2005


As CBC TV settles back into a routine (hockey, hockey, DaVinci, hockey, Trudeau mini-series, hockey, hockey, arts programs, unfunny "political" comedy, hockey.....), the radio network at least learned an important lesson during the lockout: podcasts are cool.

I'd like you to notice the last on the list: Metro Morning. Among the various local broadcast podcasts available through cbc unplugged, the most regular and hippest was Toronto Unplugged. I'm pleased it will be continuing in "plugged" form, and I'll still be listening. Given my schedule, podcasts will work very nicely - I can listen to a radio morning show when I arrive home from work, right around midnight, and still get the news of the day.

Labour disputes are the mother of invention!

I've spent much of October moving, and have finally got an internet connection. Did I miss anything?

- A rash of natural disasters. Please give generously.

- I've got my Shaw internet connection, and my Bell phone, and wouldn't you know it, TELUS and the TWU might actually have a deal come tomorrow night. Now to figure out how to start changing contracts.

- Paul Martin talks tough on softwood, almost immediately followed by announcing he's willing to negotiate. I think you have to pick a strategy and go with it, Prime Minister.

- Heard this for the first time on the radio this morning. Oh, you clever indy artists!

- Boo!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Can't stop the signal

Fooled you - this is not my Serenity review. CBC and the CMG have negotiated a settlement.

Now to get a settlement for those other communications workers.