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Monday, September 04, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation

Let's see. I played some cards, I got closer to nature, I got some exercise, I asked my former employer to justify not coming up with any vacation pay, and I made several trips to Canadian Tire in a so-far failed attempt to get my bicycle repaired. I drank some coffee and some beer.

Oh, yeah - I searched for work. If you have any interest in a writer with technical and customer support experience (software moreso than hardware, but I'm adaptable), let me know, and I'll happily forward my resume along. Though I'd love to stay in Edmonton, I'm open to moving almost anywhere. Almost. I'd be very happy to end up in Regina.

Anyway, I'm back, and ready to write. Watch this page for, well, for the sort of nonsense I've been producing since 2002.