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Thursday, February 12, 2004

I know I haven't been blogging...

... but you see, I've just been laid off from work, with a couple of weeks' notice. (Specifically, I was told that my contract would be discontinued. Feels about the same, except no big cheque for going away,)

Since I'm a contractor, I suspect strongly that I won't qualify for EI, and that means finding work quick, or going hungry soon.

If anyone knows of anyone, I'm ready to work, wherever it happens to be. Canada? Great. Cayman Islands? Sure! I'm qualified for a few things --- I'd like to think I can write, and hey, do you like the place? Built it myself.

I have some complaints about how this was handled my by current employer, but I'll save that for when they take back my security passes. In the meantime, please, no declarations of sympathy. I'm a litle scared about this, but I'm by no means unhappy to think that in a couple of weeks, I'll never have to take a help desk call again.

Enough of the blogging of my life. Your regular political blog will return soon.

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