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Monday, April 26, 2004

Candidate blogging

Well, Ralph Klein was wrong - no election was called today. However, the Prime Minister is having dinner with the Earnscliffe board of directors his cabinet this week, and I'm sure election dates will be on the agenda.

One new thing this election will be bringing is the candidate blog. Rabble has posted an interesting article on candidate blogs. It reviews what's worked and hasn't worked through US primary season, the Conservative leadership race, and now our own election run-up.

Jay, the co-ordinating editor of the Dominion, a progressive newspaper with a frequently updated blog asserts that blogs aren't particularly well used by political campaigns because their writers tend to play it safe. "Because most politicians naturally don't want to take stands when they don't have to, the kind of off-the-cuff commentary that makes weblogs interesting is almost universally missing from weblogs purportedly authored by politicians themselves."
Well, there's some small chance that I'll be a candidate in the federal election, and a much larger chance that I'll stand in the provincial election expected in about a year. So let me make my first campaign promise right now - if it's here, and it says "posted by Don", I wrote it. Or possibly stole it. But, you know - by myself.

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