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Monday, July 12, 2004

Another reason the war in Irag is unjustified: US Troops no longer defending Democracy

(This entry posted by occasional RevMod guest-host, Bear)

This is arguably the most frightening piece of news I have come across in a long time: the United States is on the verge of suspending the November elections.

Although some media outlets consider these to be preliminary discussions, several commentators at Fox News (the first network to declare Bush elected in Florida back in 2000) have been speculating for weeks about the possibility of suspending the Constitution in the event of an "October Surprise", and Fox has been running push polls in the 60% range to support such a move.

Suspending an election in the wake of a terrorist attack might be unthinkable, but so was having the Supreme Court select the candidate with the second highest number of votes four years ago.

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