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Monday, November 21, 2005

They're back

I'm half-tempted to start awarding gaffe points now for the way the parties have walked into a Christmas election. all hoping to make it look like it's the fault of the other guys.

First was Harper's application of pressure on the NDP: did Harper sincerely want an election right away, or was he trying to score points against everyone in scoring distance? Myself, I think it really did seem intentional. Some of the language Harper used as a goad on Layton sounded like Stephen the policy wonk, and that's when you know it's him talking, and not the spin machine behind "Stephen Harper: Glad-Handing Regular Guy in Cowboy Hat" (not to mention "Preston Manning: Working Stiff" and "Stock Day: X-Treme Athlete"). No gaffe points for that.

Layton tried to cut the deal, push things into February. My respect for Jack Layton continues to grow. Once again, he got to appear to the country as the deal-maker, as the man who can make things happen. Long-time readers of this page know I don't talk up Jack Layton, despite my party affiliation. The man, or the people behind him, have figured out what they're about. The one trouble with the threat was that if the Liberals didn't take it, as they didn't, there's no room left to negotiate - the NDP are in a corner, and have to vote for defeat.

So the one possible gaffe in the whole loop is the Liberals, refusing the February offer. It was entertaining watching them say no, and then attempting to blame a Christmas election on the opposition. Sadly, the Liberals are not the spin genuises they once were.

Still, I'm not awarding pre-election gaffe points, and as it turns out, most Canadians don't care one way or the other if the campaign overlaps with a prime retail season (and religious holiday, coincidentially). I'm just hoping that awarding gaffe points throughout the campaign reminds me how to blog. The rules for the contest will be reposted some time this week. Can someone unseat current champion James Bow?

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