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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More elsewhere

I've started in on my cleanup of this page. There's a whole bunch of staledated blogs over there on the left that will be leaving soon, and to the right, you'll notice I added a new member of the "must read" club. Macleans has realized that although the ideas of Liberal speechwriter Scott Feschuk got their asses kicked in the last election, the comedy of Mr. Feschuk, delivered in blog form, was huge. They've decided to translate that to a daily news page. There's some plug in for IE for the audio version that freaks my IE out, but it works just fine in other browsers.
In entertainment news (of a sort), Mike Bullard has signed a one-year contract to host a weekday morning talk show on XM satellite radio. The former TV personality says he will apply a sharp wit to comedy routines and segments with guests. Bullard did not saying whose sharp wit he'll be borrowing.
Go. Enjoy.

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