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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Debate watch

Ted Morton mentions of "Ottawa" in opening comments: two.

Oh, Good Lord. Ads? "Thanks for tuning in to this important debate. But first, here's some products you might enjoy."

Morton: "Rebalance federalism". Translation: devolution of power. No wonder he was all for Quebec as a nation. One more "Ottawa" mention.

Stelmach's been taking hand-gesture lessons. Possibly from Raj Pannu, c. his first election as leader.

Dinning has twice said "stand-up, proud Canadian." So far, I think he's playing the right game.

More ads? This is quickly starting to look like Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahar. Except this is funnier.

Calgary Herald reporter Tom Olson needs a haircut.

Jim, I don't think your time with the CHRA is a selling point.

Morton: "The [health care] system has to be broken." I think what he means is the monopoly, but that wasn't the best line ever. Dinning has very eloquently summed up the zero sum game that private health care is. Another five minutes on the topic would have been nice, but we have some crap to sell. Thanks, Sears. A gift card sounds nice. When did the Brick stop yelling at me? Oh, a Subway gift card! I think that time could have been better used.

Ten Morton, and Bill 208. "Toleration will flow in both directions" Toleration isn't exactly tolerance, but good try. Will Ted tolerate my church performing gay marriages in Alberta? Stelmach played dumb dodgeball with the question - where does he stand on social issues? I have no idea.

I could do without Jim Dinning's shit-eating grin at the end of many of his comments. I suspect it's that smart-ass smugness that's led us to this close race in the first place.

"Alberta is on the verge of greatness"? Whoops to Dinning.

Ted Morton makes an appeal for second-preference votes. I suspect he's not going to be getting many of those - lots of firsts, and lots of none. Then again, Stelmach hasn't been impressive this evening, and that might have been the first serious look that a lot of voters have had of him.

Well, that was brief, but moderately enlightening. Not in terms of policy, which got too-quick a brush, but in terms of flavour. Not being a Tory myself, I haven't had a lot of exposure to these guys. Now, I have stronger impressions:

Dinning: Paul Martin. Wants to be Premier because he feels like it's his turn, would shift the party to the centre, and will spend a lot of time fighting with his own divided caucus. I'd like him okay, but I'm not voting Tory.
Stelmach: Don Getty. No charisma, no ideas, and coming on the heels of someone like Ralph Klein, no future.
Morton: Stockwell Day. Even in Alberta, with our theoretically generous media, he will get eaten alive, and I'll enjoy every minute of it.

I'm starting to think my old rival Lyle Oberg might not have been a bad choice after all. The Tories look absolutely screwed to me with any one of these guys.

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