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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

RevMod Year in Review

It started with an election, and ended with a hanging that I believe brought an end to the threat of terrorism, or something (Osama who? Whaaaaa?) - I was still too fat and lazy and marginally hungover from Christmas to figure out the details, so I skipped blogging that last one. Check the archives. Seriously - I keep them there for a reason. Damn lazy readers.

Instead, let me point out my newest distraction: Kevin Baker, freelancer (I'm guessing) often published in the Journal and Post, is Running to Ruin. I found him in a Google search for "The Legend of the Chevy Farm" (don't ask why), with an article about returning as a listener to CBC radio after the strike in 2005, his tastes forever changed by his months listening to commercial radio.

Bottom line, anyone who is that consistantly sharp and funny, and has as his very top link The Great Eastern web archive is a winner in my book.

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