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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Another local race

Tonight, I wrote my local candidates from the four main parties, asking them a question I hope will help me along my voting decision. I'll spare you some of the note's preamble, but include the part that explains the reasoning behind my question. I think it's a good one that should be put to candidates in closer races than Crowfoot's.

I think that the best work done by Parliament tends to be done at committee level, where MPs with divergent philosophies and perspectives are only effective when they step beyond party doctrine and seek out solutions to pressing problems as colleagues.

It's also increasingly possible that there may be a minority government, which would make effective governing impossible without an ability to look beyond a Member's own caucus.

With those two things in mind, my question is this: what idea have you seen in an opposing party's platform, or have you heard expressed by a political opponent during this campaign, which made you think "Aha - what a neat idea," or "I wish my party had thought of that," or "There's an idea to crib when we form a government"?
Once I have some answers, I'll pass them along.

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