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Friday, June 25, 2004

BC campaign in review

(This entry posted by occasional RevMod guest-host, Bear)

The last working day of the campaign seems like a good time to rate the campaigns from a west coast perspective, so after trying gold stars and out of 10 ratings, I'm opting to go with report cards:

Conservative: C+

Give or take a Randy White, Stephen Harper managed to get his foot down better with his BC candidates than he did in other parts of the country. The Ontario focus for the Conservatives kept Harper from making any real impact, but not a "Sodom North" or "Asian Invasion" was heard to disrupt their hold on most of the province.

Liberal: D-

Paul Martin rolled the dice with a gaggle of parachuted candidates in the Lower Mainland, and the snake eyes look like Ujjal Dosanjh and incumbent Stephen Owen. The Liberals built a solid organization on the ground over the past decade in BC, and Martin somehow managed to demolish it in less than a year.

New Democrat: B-

Since the leadership campaign, it seems like Jack Layton is in BC every other week. The NDP has certainly been helped by the hostility to the Liberal regime in Victoria, but Layton's attempt to link Gordon Campbell to Paul Martin comes up short for not mentioning the Martinites involved with the 12/28 legislature raids, an issue that had much more play out here than Adscam.

Green Party: C+

The Greens are starting to realize that masquerading as the NDP only gets them a p*ss*ng match with the NDP. They should seriously thinking about checking the clearance bin for that Progressive Conservative outfit, it might look good on them.

Bloc Quebecois: A

Everyone I talked to thought Gilles Duceppe won the leaders debates walking away. Of course the Bloc ran way too few candidates out here...

When the dust settles after 7:00 PM PDT, I think that out of 36 seats, British Columbia will look something like:

Conservative: 26


Liberal: 4

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