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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Attack squads

I'm going to direct you to James Bow, for his incisive response to perhaps the most disappointing development of this campaign - Liberals seeking out yelling matches with their political opponents.

Does this serve any purpose? Does this help citizens decide how best to govern themselves? This is a sideshow, and not a helpful one - this tactic lacks any useful purpose. But I'm betting we've seen the last of it.

Am I the only one who finds this election endlessly fascinating, if a little thin on policy?

Update Thursday early am: It doesn't fit my traditional image of gaffe (saying something, true or not, that you really didn't want the public to hear, if only you'd given it five minutes of thought), so it didn't occur to me to score it. But I think Don, in my comments, is right - this was widely criticized as just kinda stupid, and that makes it kind of a gaffe. Her Majesty's Loyal Government scores PROM=2 (cabinet ministers) * SIG=1 (high-profile, but probably not very vote-affecting, because it's a tactic, not an issue) = two gaffe points.

Thanks also to alert reader Joe, who found the new and improved Layton picture for the Gaffe-o-Meter. Not as space-alienesque, but goofier regardless. Now someone find me a decent Harper.

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