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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The local races

A couple of posts back, some debate is breaking out in the comments about the importance of the local candidate vs. the national party when determining a vote. It's generally believed that a really good, high-profile local candidate can gain a party about five percent in the riding. In my experience, though, a particularly poor one can be much more costly than that. And Rob Anders may be the worst that Calgary has to offer.

I came across this site only because they've linked to me, but now that I have, I'm thrilled to point people their way. Rob Anders, you might recall, was the MP who blocked honourary Canadian citizenship being granted to Nelson Mandela, because, according to Anders, Mandela was a "communist and a terrorist". That was certainly the high point of Anders' infamy, but there are many other examples of Anders taking stands well to the right (or some stranger direction) of the rest of his then Alliance caucus.

Voters of Calgary West, do you want to help the new Conservative party ground itself as reasonable, reliable, moderate, and acceptable to voters in all parts of the country? The greatest favour you can do the new Conservative Party is to vote against this buffoon.

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