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Thursday, June 03, 2004

I didn't include him in the Gaffe-o-Meter, either... sue me

Green Party leader Jim Harris writes a little something for the election blog today. It's an interesting read, and represents a voice that needs to be heard in this campaign. It's surrounded by much editorializing in the comments and contributor blogs about the "unfairness" of excluding him from the televised leaders' debates.


Anyone rememeber the National Party? They polled pretty well, too, but they disappeared in a big hurry, and it wasn't because Mel Hurtig wasn't at the debate.

I really don't think we should rely on poll data to determine who gets invited and who doesn't. The Reform Party went out there and won a by-election on the ground before they expected to be taken seriously on the national stage. Taking a different approach, the Greens are running their leader up against Jack Layton in TO-Danforth. Why don't they just send out a press release saying they have no intention of winning a single seat?

Nominating three-hundred and eight candidates is an impressive feat. Electing just one would be so much more so.

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