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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Some of my best friends are morons

So Francoise Ducros gets in trouble for being overheard having a clearly off-the-record conversation with another reporter or reporters. She speaks openly about her frustration in having the American government listen to reason and stop the damaging unilateralism it is persuing in Iraq. Some media sources have been calling this a "gaffe" among other, similarly-defined words. I prefer to think of it as an "intervention":

Hey, USA: we like you. You're our friends, and we care about you. We don't want to see you do anything to hurt yourselves, and others. We love you very much, and so you can trust that we're only thinking about your best interests when we tell you what we think you already know: your President is a moron. Now, I know you want to deny this, but the first step in actually beating this problem is acknowleging there is a problem. And while we'll be at your side (literally, your north side, all the time) the entire time you deal with this, the only ones who can solve this is you.

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