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Monday, November 04, 2002

Why blog?

I need an excuse to write, every day. If you happen across this site, and you don�t know me, and you aren�t me, well, thanks for coming by. I�m happy to share all of this with you, but I never expected to see you here; I�m quite shocked, in fact.

I like the concept of blog. I like the Socratic method inherent in the conversation that takes place on the internet, though I wish there was a way of dispensing with the bad arguments, in favour of the good. When one writes, one tends to dig in with one�s arguments. I won�t. I won�t erase old arguments that I don�t care for any more, but I won�t be afraid to add to them, perhaps with the counter argument. I think, I change my mind, I explore new ideas, I write new ideas to wear them like clothes and see how they fit. I will believe everything I write while I�m writing it, though perhaps no longer.

This is not a diary; I will not describe my job hunt, or my breakfast, or my sexual fantasies. I will write mostly politics, with perhaps a smattering of film and television. The exception is that I will publish every chess game I play, usually with some analysis. If you have feedback about the chess, please be patient with me� I�m not very smart. If you have feedback about the politics, well, that�s the point, isn�t it? Just remember, abuse is not debate since it tends not to convince the abused.


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