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Monday, February 10, 2003

I did say "posting light", didn't I?

Your blog will return to its regular schedule by the end of next week, but in the meantime, let's have a quick overview of the fun I've missed:

I came across this evaluation of Iraq's likely weapons of mass destruction. As near as I can tell, this page is well-researched, well-documented, and thorough. But long? Well, politics is complicated... I don't think anyone should be more willing to bomb a country than they are to read several pages of technical information. But, the executive summary is (if I might be so bold as to give it a try) that Iraq is likely to have some mustard gas. And that's about it. Lots of conventional weapons, I might add, but I don't think Iraq has ever claimed otherwise. My favourite line so far (and I admittedly still have about half of it to read)? On the state of Iraq's nuclear weapon preparation: The claim that Iraq could rapidly develop a nuclear bomb if it managed to acquire fissile material seems to be accurate. It is also verging on being a tautology. Hee.

So, a whole bunch of money gets added to health, as the Canadian public has been asking for (it isn't as much as required to meet the Romanow recommendations, but that's another post), and what does the federal government get for it? Mr. Eves said Mr. Chr�tien was "stubborn," Alberta Premier Ralph Klein said Thursday he saw Mr. Chr�tien's "dark side" during the negotiations, and Quebec Premier Bernard Landry said the Prime Minister had acted like a dictator. Myself, I don't much care if the Prime Minister has acted like Mr. Teeny, so long as he got some badly-needed money into the system. After Mulroney's "headwaiter of Confederation" stuff, it's nice to see a Prime Minister not really give a damn about the Premiers' empire-building.

George Bush will be coming to Canada for one day in May. Let's be sure to give him a hard time at the border. Maybe plant a Cuban cigar in his baggage.

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