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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Light blogging --- not just here

A couple of my readers have complained lately about my lighter blogging pattern since I've returned to work. And yes, I'm sure being at work instead of (say) sitting in front of my computer absorbing every story posted on the Globe and Mail site, AlterNet, and a few favourite blogs has put a dent in my posting volume.

But I'm not the only blogger to have slowed down considerably. Tom Tomorrow filled in his posting gap with a guest blogger, but that only illustrates that Tom's posting has slowed. August graduated, and though he's still looking for work, he's not posting at the rate he was while still a student. (August's new template looks great, by the way - way easier to read.) Not strictly a blog, but Get Your War On is too busy writing for the Rolling Stone to produce much of anything on his page. This is hardly a scientific, or even complete, survey, but it seems to me that I'm not the only one who isn't making blogging my top priority any more.

Today, it struck me why. The fact is, we were as excited (albeit angry) about the war as the Faux News wargasm crowd. Myself, I managed every day to feel outraged that such idiotic reasoning based on such obviously fabricated "facts" ws the entire basis of argument for an unneccessary war. I managed to feel equally outraged that American citizens bought it all. (Tony Blair's conviction that there was a real and present danger did give me pause, but I suspect he simply bought into the same falsifications that Americans were being handed, without having any British intelligence of any practical value.)

Well, now the war is over. (Okay, not really. But still.) And Americans are beginning to wake up to the truth about the lies. (Again, not really. But these are the things I tell myself to sleep at night.) The outrage I was feeling constantly in February and March are no longer the fuel for me to blog and blog obsessively, in the hopes that someone might wander here and be convinced of something, might pass my arguments along to a friend, and might take a step toward real political and social change.

Some American left-wing bloggers have replaced that incentive with general blogging about the dangers of the G.W. Bush administration. But without a war looming (and there may be one or two, but I'm sure they won't want to introduce any new "product" until the fall), GWB seems like an American problem, not mine. As for my own Prime Minister, I have no complaints as his term in office wanes. Gay marriage, pot decriminalization, constant shots at the American administration --- what's not to love?

It won't always be so, because there's always going to be something to write about, but if I'm not posting as constantly over the summer, this is why. And slower activity is not a hiatus by any stretch... check back, and I'm sure we can find something for you.

But consider this slower posting by your regulars to be an opportunity to find something new. Follow a link to the left, here. Then follow a link from there, and so on. Rememeber when that was what we loved about the internet? No? Maybe it was just me. But at any rate, find something interesting and new... that's how I'll be spending MY summer vacation.

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