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Friday, July 11, 2003

"Provincial" means more than one thing

The Premiers' conference in Charlottetown has produced a recommendation for a "council of the federation".

You know, a few of the Premiers, my own included, have celebrated this grand coming-together of Premiers on this issue. Klein attributed that to having a Premier from la belle province who is a federalist. Except, here's the thing: they're all seperatists, power-wise.

Thirteen Premiers, all with the same list of demands. To paraphrase Will Ferguson from his Canadian History for Dummies, here's the list:




I really hope Paul Martin isn't going to be our next headwaiter (as Pierre Trudeau once referred to Brian Mulroney, as part of his critique of Meech Lake). I like a strong federal government, and don't need a country that is little more than a patchwork of feifdoms scattered across the northern half of the continent.

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