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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Political instincts come through

Only a week of getting beat up, and the Premier has asked Alberta's Auditor-General to look into the mad cow compensation. In fact, he's asked for the investigation to be fast-tracked, perhaps in the hopes the results will come out at the peak of the federal election campaign.

He was ready to do this when he was first challenged, and then backed away, presumably at the advice of ---- perhaps Steve West? I hope so... I hope this has undermined West's influence in the Premier's office, that West is now viewed as an untrustworthy lame duck who doesn't understand How Things Work.

As for the NDP, I hope they call it a tentative victory and let it go for now - bring up concerns if the process looks rigged, but otherwise, wait for the report. Parties that keep complaining after they've won are not effective opposition - they're just complainers. As it stands, Brian Mason's "...it sounds like we won, but the question is, what is the scope of the audit?" walks that line.

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