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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


The polemics came even quicker than I thought, from both the left and right, which saddened me a bit. Only my own desire not to descend into politics in the immediate wake of the killings of the four R.C.M.P. constables has kept me from posting this earlier.

From the Western Standard, this post by Kate McMillian:
And our marijuana decriminalizing legislators would have us believe that the safety of the public depends on arresting hotel owners for smoking violations, getting unhelmeted bicycle riders off our dirt trails and warrentless entry into the homes of dog owners.
Notwithstanding the erroniousness of associating the killings to marijuana cultivation, which, you know, whatever --- to take this tragedy and twist it into a grindstone for some sort of axe about statism was perhaps the most disappointing display of hard-hearted, calculating, manipulative, and cold exploitation I've seen on a Canadian blog. Perhaps I wouldn't be so harsh about it, had she waited to post this until, I don't know - there was some sort of official announcement? Because instead, she elected to post her judgement of this event even as details were emerging in the media.

But lest you think I'm picking on the right as a whole by choosing this example, I'd like to also point out that commentators on the page, so likely right-leaners themselves, shared my disgust:
Your gauche attempt to score political points from this tragic event is disgusting. Shame on you.
This pretty much does it for me. Four police officers are killed in the line of duty and we turn it into a political debate. This is exactly what the left does in the U.S. when it comes to U.S. combat deaths.
I think that we are showing a lack of class here, to put it mildly. Sadly, I think that is all too common on the internet... For my part, I'm going to... avoid this website in the future.
I have a suggetion.

Why not postpone the political debate until after you've called the local RCMP detachment, offered your condolences, and found out how to contact the detachment of the officers who died today.

I called my local detachment and they said not to contact the local detachment -- it's too early and they're busy with the investigation.

Why not take a little time out of respect for the families nd friends.
Thank you to those Western Standard [former?] readers for reaffirming my faith that most people are basically good and decent, regardless of politics.

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