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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another monkey wrench in the New World Order

GM, in association with NBC......

There can't be good news at the end of that sentence, can there? Strangely enough.

GM, in association with NBC's The Apprentice, are holding a contest to produce web ads promoting an SUV. Fortunately, creative people have undermined the entire point, producing ads about global warming (among so many other things).

I won't reproduce the entire list here - this guy is keeping up better than I could. I'll just note two of my favourites:

Notice what's missing?

There are also many, many more here, and here.

Edited to ad(d): Okay, this one's pretty good too. And this one. They're like peanuts!

Edited a final time, I promise, Thursday evening: The ads have moved on from the obvious environmental themes, and have gotten increasingly derivative. Manufacturing layoffs, NSA spying, and overweight children have joined the themes, and some are just clever without a point.

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