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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The early gaffes

I'll save the obvious one for the next post. Let me start with the reader tips.

Shelly Glover, a Winnipeg Conservative incumbent described a neighbouring 68-year-old Liberal incumbent as "past her expiry date." Cue the (false?) outrage from seniors. But here's the thing - it's clear to me from the context of the comment that she wasn't saying Anita Neville was too old for the job, she was saying Ms Nevelle has been doing it for too long.

Speaking of doing it for too long, I have a precedent for scoring this one. In 2006, Peter McKay told Alexa McDonough to "stick to your knitting." There was much (false) hue and cry about sexism. And McKay issued an apology. I scored it then only because of the apology. That precedent stands. Right now, Glover's campaign has issued a clarification, but not an apology. If she sticks to her guns, no score.

The next reader suggestion notes that the Prime Minister stumbled over the word "election" and mentioned "unnecessary erections" instead. Sorry. No score for Mumbly Joeisms.

Finally, Liberals have produced audio of a Tory candidate claiming his office staff has been helping him "process immigration files or anything else." I'm withholding judgement on this one. Until the candidate or the staff clarify what they've actually been doing, I don't think we can judge if the candidate was overselling what they actually do (giving out phone numbers of the appropriate channels, perhaps), or conversely if the campaign office was overstepping its authority with the active participation of the Minister of Immigration (which is what the Liberals seem to be implying).

So, so far, no score, though two of these might turn into a score yet. But I'm skipping the big one for the next post. You people will just have to wait.

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Unknown said...

The Bloc are now in it to (perhaps) win it! -though they typically run very smooth campaigns.

Gilles Duceppe representative Karine Sauvé publicly apologized to Maclean’s on behalf of a party spokesperson who said that no interviews or exchanges with Bloc Québécois MPs would be allowed to Maclean’s, given that they “never apologized for the Bonhomme cover.”

Maybe 2x1. It was an obvious and admitted blunder by the Bloc to a significant news organization but was resolved quickly.

http://www2.macleans.ca/2011/03/28/bloc-blocks-macleans/ ==================================

I see the 2nd Liberal ‘gaffe’ of questionable significance on the first post was never addressed (post 3, Sunday, March 27, 2011), it needed further scrolling. Probably not a score anyway, just of interest for the potential leader gaffes that could come of public audiences.