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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gaffeometer deadline

Between the weekend writ-drop and the lack of gaffes over this opening weekend, I'm deferring the prediction deadline to Monday midnight. Tell me at gaffeometer AT gmail the scores each party will generate over the campaign for a chance at a donation made to your favourite local candidate. And, no - just because I've excluded the Greens from the gaffeometer doesn't mean you can't make me send money that way. It will taste like acid, but I'll do it. I'm that committed.

I digress. Monday, midnight.


Unknown said...

We have an opener!

"Ignatieff would raise business taxes for large corporations: Liberal MP"

The Liberal MP happened to be a former cabinet minister and the Liberal Finance Critic. It was also openly acknowledged as a mistake:

Later McCallum told Ignatieff’s chief of staff, Peter Donolo, he was “sorry” he had scrummed on the issue and veered off message.

Therefore based on prominence within party and finance critic role and that taxes are a top campaign theme likely a 2 sig 2 prom. Be interesting to see how much attention this gets as an attack possibility.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This on the other hand, while involving Ignatieff and embarrassing (captured on CBC and then replayed nationally on a cycle), I'm not sure would count as a gaffe.

Although, a gaffe might be don't agree to live interviews with the party leader in busy non-partisan locations or you will invite hecklers! Either 3x0 or 3x1