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Thursday, April 07, 2011

But does he have any promises for the 41st Parliament?

Stephen Harper promises another tax break, this one an extension of TFSAs, to be applied just as soon as the budget is balanced. Of course, even by the government's own budget projections, that won't happen until 2016, by which time even Harper's wished-for majority is going to have to call an election.  I suppose that's unless that government has suspended elections, in order to protect us from the anti-democratic possibility of a coalition.

It's worth remembering also that the Conservatives reduced corporate taxes last year, making it harder to balance the budget. I'm sure they were relieved to find out that they didn't have to wait for a balanced budget to get their cut.

On a gaffe-ier note, the Prime Minister mumbled his way through a not-apology ("If anyone was removed from a meeting who was there to listen, behave, and cheer wildly at each pronouncement, then I'd feel kinda bad about that..." I don't have the precise quote, but it was mealy-mouthed) for the rally ejections, and I'm definitely scoring something for the whole debacle. Tonight I'll attempt some precision.


Ted Betts said...

Looks like the PM himself has finally apologized putting this as a very prominent gaffe. I'd say sig is at least 1 though possibly higher now.


Unknown said...

As Ted said, the official apology is now out.

I'd go with CG on this one and put it as 3x1. I can certainly see the argument for 3x2, but that's a big difference in points. 2x2 is maybe a better fit but it did go right up to Harper having to defend (and then retract).