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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I heard it on the radio this morning, but I can't find a link, and no one seems to have noticed or cared, so my initial instinct to score this was perhaps wrong.

I'm talking about Harper joking about vetting rally attendees, saying it was better to have to turn people away than it is to have to beg people to come. Really? How are people not pointing at this as evidence of the Prime Minister's arrogance?

Comments encouraged.

Edited to add: found a link, anyway.


calgarygrit said...

The whole Facebook booting deserves some gaffe points. It's hard to say at what point the gaffe actually occured - was it not allowing her in, using the RCMP to boot her, or the comments listed above.

But given how much this has driven the Tory campaign off message, there need to be points awarded somewhere for it. Maybe PROM 3 * SIG 1

Ted Betts said...

I'm not sure what you mean by no one pointing this out. I can't get away from it in the news, blogs, Facebook. The student involved has now met with Ignatieff and Layton. There is a Liberal video/ad on it. It was on The National and on CTV News. The RCMP admits it overstepped its authority. Google "Awish Alam and you'll see it has been very covered. And there have been 7 other post-registration ejections by the Conservatives, including two veterans advocates and two students for attending a pro-vote pro-students nonpartisan rally.

It's crystalized a lot of feelings about Harper's bubble boy campaign so I would give it more significance than Dan, but prominence is certainly high.

Don said...

The part of the story no one seemed to be noticing as I wrote this post was the jokey non-apology he made during yesterday's scrum - "we have to turn people away, the other parties need to beg for attendees, har har har." I thought that was the single worst gaffe of the entire vetting controversy, and the media was giving it a pass. Later that day, I finally saw it rather than hearing it quoted, and it didn't have as much "har har har" as the quoting made it sound, but it was still awful. It's mostly been lost in the noise of the overall controversy. I think that's too bad. I still think this should have been Harper's "pepper spray on my eggs" moment.