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Thursday, August 28, 2003

We're number two! Or is that second-last?

The Fraser Institute today released a report claiming that Alberta has the second-most flexible labour force in the United States and Canada (who, to the Fraser Institute, should probably be just one country). By flexible, the study's author seems to mean "able to get screwed from any position."

The report measured several criteria: minimum wage (low good), rates of unionization (low good), rates of public sector employment (low good - are you detecting a pattern here?), and so on. I'm sure economic success stories like Burma scored better than Alberta on this scale, but you can't beat everyone.

You know, I would have thought a flexible labour force should be, I don't know... well-educated, perhaps? Healthy? Has a sufficient safety net to afford career transitions as they come?

It's entirely possible that the Fraser Institute is persuing a particular agenda here. If only I was smart enough to penetrate their subtle ideology.

The scary part is that I heard this on the radio this morning, reported as straight news. I mean, come on, I understand that some of what the Fraser Institute produces is fun to insert in a newscast (the questionable but clear "tax freedom day" comes to mind), but this report is too transparent to be taken seriously by anyone.

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