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Monday, November 17, 2003

Fight Linkrot!

I stole this title from Kevin Drum at Calpundit, who has some strategies to avoid dying links to sites like the New York Times.

I'm going to engage my own strategy, which circumvents the complicated processes of dealing with RSS feeds and crazy URLs - when possible, I'll link to news sources that have permanent archives. Kevin already listed a few:

The Guardian,

CNN (though others have noticed an occasional tendency to remove or alter individual stories),

the BBC, and

the Washington Post.

To that list, I'll add Canadian media sources:

The CBC, and

the Globe and Mail.

There must be others I've missed. With a decent list of these, I might never have to link to a site that will disappear a week later, so if you see any, feel encouraged to tell me.

Meanwhile, the next list might be sites that make this list, that are also free of pop-up advertising. That should slim it down.

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