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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Big ol' spike

Yesterday, RevMod saw traffic that was reminicient of the old Gaffe-o-Meter days. Some people, I know, were searching for information on testimony in front of the Gomery commission that can't be found in the daily paper. You won't be finding it here, and I'm not going to go out of my way to link to where it can be found. If you're determined enough and curious enough, I'm sure you can find it.

I do want to link one e-mail conversation that was brought to my attention. It was between the American blog that first published the testimony and a Canadian blogger respecting the publication ban. From the American blogger:

"...in a fashion that resembles Castro's Cuba or the current Chinese regime, your press is restricted in order to protect criminals." (Do I even need to mention that this is a blog of the conservative ilk? I'm glad the Canadian blogging community seems to be much less divided and more respectful than this)

Let me address this idea directly. I tried to answer it a little more subtly yesterday, but I don't think I was clear enough.

The publication ban is not intended to "protect criminals", you thick-headed moron. It's intended to protect the justice system, so that we can eventually have fair trials and potentially punish criminals. If the publication ban is broken widely and flagrantly enough, a fair trial may become impossible and an unspecified number of criminals may continue to walk free.

The only logical conclusion is that the prosecutions of long-time Bush supporters like Kenny Lay have made this unnamed right-wing American blogger sympathetic to the hard road of the white-collar criminal, and wants to protect those involved in Adscam from the same unfortunate fate.

Now, for myself, those are my taxes that were spent, very possibly misspent, quite possibly stolen in the course of the events now being investigated by Gomery. I'm looking forward to seeing someone frog-marched in front of the cameras to give Canadians a sense that someone is answering for that alleged theivery. And if prosecution becomes impossible because some fuck-witted American jack-off wanted a few more hits on his website, perhaps another nickel or two for click-throughs on his page's ads, Canadians deserve to be pissed.

Why does the American right hate justice?

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