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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Technical problems originate with the webhost. Please stand by.

Sharp-eyed observers will have noticed that this site went missing for a day or two, followed by a further day or two of many missing recent posts. My webhost moved me, retiring some old servers. A combination of my not being technically savvy enough to understand the implications or if the change applied to me, and their lack of automated support for the change for domains ending in something other than ".com", ".org", or ".net", left us all temporarily out of luck.

Let me now offer mad props (or whatever it is the kids offer one another these days) to Marilee at avidhosting.com, who hand-held me through most of the fixes in an online chat window that just didn't seem to get along with Opera at all. (Still, better than IE!)

(Since I'm actually linking to my host, giving them a free almost-plug, let me offer the full review: live support (as I've already indicated), top-notch; price, pretty cheap (helped even more my the exchange-rate improvement); more space than I'll ever need, more bandwidth than I'll ever need, and a much improved (speed-wise) server now that I've been moved. On the bad side, the webmail functionality has heavily downgraded from the nice one on the old server. It's a small thing, but if they have the power to swap it off, I sure do wish they would. I'm also not as happy with the newer control panel, but that might be a matter of getting used to it.)

Any mail sent to me since the weekend has been irretrievably lost, unless you still have a copy in your "sent items" folder. Feel encouraged to send it along again.

I have to admit I'm a little frustrated at the timing of this. I didn't really get my chance to call the leaders of our federal parties "tools" for not agreeing collectively to head for Holland, before they figured it out for themselves.

I guess I'll just have to wait for them to do something else stupid. Gosh, can I wait that long?

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