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Monday, October 25, 2010

Congratulations, Obama and Harper!

The American and Canadian governments have avoided the embarrassment of trying Omar Khadr.  Now they don't have to explain why throwing a grenade on a battlefield when most of your compatriots have been killed by the attacking force can be called murder, why a child soldier should be tried as an adult, and how being buried under a pile of rubble didn't prevent Khadr from throwing the grenade in the first place.  Further, they won't have to explain why they began torturing Khadr while he was still blind and broken from the battle.  The Canadian government won't need to explain why they didn't provide consular services to a citizen.  They won't need to explain why they made no effort, unlike every other western nation, to repatriate a citizen from Guantanamo.

So, to everyone involved in this case who have self-awarely sacrificed Khadr on the altar of saving face, eat a bag of dicks.

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