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Monday, October 25, 2010

Congratulations, Toronto!

On the heels of Calgary electing a progressive, urbane young Harvard-educated professor, Toronto also commits to a new direction.

Rob Ford, fat f*ck.
Rob Ford isn’t repugnant and offensive because he’s fat. Being fat is only one part of a full package of traits that trigger disgust and apprehension in anyone who doesn’t pick fights with the press, doesn’t assault his wife (charges dropped), doesn’t lie about getting shitfaced and telling off civilians at a football game, doesn’t call AIDS your own f*cking fault, doesn’t praise Orientals for working like dogs, doesn’t drive impaired in his natural home, Florida, and isn’t a boorish, backward daddy’s boy. And he’s fat.  [asterick in place of the letter "u" is mine - Don]
I'm sorry, that's His Worship, Mayor Rob Ford, fat f*ck.  Enjoy!

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