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Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy, happy surprise

I met Naheed Nenshi over twenty years ago, working long days on a campaign until late each night, when I would give a few members of the team a lift home in my old rattletrap of a car.  I don't doubt some of his committment to safe, reliable public transportation was formed while he listened to the whine of my engine struggling up 36th Street, drowning out the strains of Pachelbel or Meatloaf, depending on the evening.

As I write this, Naheed is showing a 6000 vote lead with about half the polls counted, though given Barb Higgins' early lead, I don't think it's safe to call it over yet.  But Calgary seems on the verge of making an excellent decision, very possibly electing a whip-smart, visionary young man.  Tell him "Duke" says hello.

Edited to add: Congratulations, Naheed!

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