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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Oh, God

Well, the good news is, I feel inspired to blog again. The very bad news is, mark your calanders: war on Syria is coming to a news channel near you.

Here's the story that will be coming: the reason there were no WMD found in Iraq is that Saddam shipped everything to Syria for storage. It's a good two-birds one-stone story. It may change over time, the way the Iraq story did, but that will be the initial argument.

I want you to ask yourself, and everyone you know, a few questions over the next few days. Is war with Syria a good idea? Do you know who runs Syria, and do you have any strong feelings about Syria's political leadership? Do you think Saddam might have given away his weapons for safekeeping, rather than, say, keeping them for use against an invading American army? Ask those same questions in a few months, and if the answers are different, ask what lies Ari Flescher told, what spin points the media swallowed whole, to change your mind.

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